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M.i - That ‘67 Artwork

M.i - That ‘67

According to Sigmund Freud, the visions that flit across our consciousness while we’re slumbering are always the expressions of wishes. Given the crazy sh*t my brain comes up with, I sometimes doubt it, but it’s...Read More

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M.i - The Trip Artwork

M.i - The Trip

Last we heard from M.i., he was recounting a breezy summer romance on Sundress Pt. 2, a reader-approved joint off Republic Records’ The Basement Chronicles: Chapter 1 compilation. Turns out that’s not the only...Read More

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M.i - Sundress Pt.2 Artwork

M.i - Sundress Pt.2

Thus far in the promotional campaign for its new compilation album, Republic Records has liberated never-before-heard cuts from Jared Evan (State I’m In) and Sammy Adams (Pop Money). Though the latter dropped just...Read More

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M.i ft. Porche Harris - Hi

With the his next project just a day away from release, Austin emcee M.i decided to stop by and say “Hi” to his fans in the Booth—and, ever the gracious guest, he hasn’t come empty-handed. The final pre-release...Read More

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M.I ft. OnCue - Write It Down Artwork

M.I ft. OnCue - Write It Down

While some emcees are only in it for themselves, M.I has a more altruistic reason for entering into the high-risk, high-reward business of hip-hop: he wants to put on for his crew and supporters. In order to do that, however,...Read More

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M.I ft. Chamillionaire & Corbett - Nothing You Can Do Artwork

M.I ft. Chamillionaire & Corbett - Nothing You Can Do

On his last mixtape single, early April’s Church West Texas, M.i showcased a more introspective side of his artistic persona, offering listeners a firsthand account of his struggles with his Christian faith. Follow-up...Read More

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M.i ft. Blu - Church West Texas Artwork

M.i ft. Blu - Church West Texas

Last we heard from M.i, on the inaugural leak off his forthcoming mixtape, he was looking forward to his Imminent takeover of the game, with all the money, power and fame that entails. Much as the artist plans on enjoying his...Read More

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M.i - Imminent

After years on his hustle, M.i. is so close to his big break that he can almost taste it. As he puts it on his latest single and first feature of 2013, “sh*t is Imminent.” Part of the Austin native’s next...Read More

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M.i - Sundress Artwork

M.i - Sundress

Sometimes, if you want the job done right, you just have to do it yourself. That is certainly the case on Austin product M.i latest single. On Sundress, M.i is not only responsible for the vocals, but the man also wrote,...Read More

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M.i - NoThing Artwork

M.i - NoThing

“A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, but signifying NoThing.” Though Macbeth was describing life itself in his famous quote, as far as M.i is concerned, the Scottish king could have been referring to your...Read More

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M.i - Stoned Artwork

M.i - Stoned

Though, these days, all I hear of Coldplay is what gets played on the radio and/or sampled in hip-hop records, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wear out their debut set, Parachutes, when it dropped way back in...Read More

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M.i ft. ScienZe - Bubble Artwork

M.i ft. ScienZe - Bubble

Last featured in December 2011, with the reader-acclaimed Crawl Back, Austin buzzmaker M.i is back with the follow-up leak off his forthcoming, Coldplay-inspired mixtape. On Bubble, the Texas rapper/producer flips a sample...Read More

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M.i - Crawl Back Artwork

M.i - Crawl Back

On M.i.‘s last Booth feature, May’s After I’m Gone, the Austin rapper/producer described how his marathon recording sessions kept him from giving his girl the attention she deserved. As it turns out, the...Read More

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M.i - After I’m Gone

What?! You haven’t downloaded M.i‘s new mixtape yet? Though the project dropped way back in early April, listeners who aren’t as with-it as your average Boothgoer still have time to jump on the Lone Star...Read More

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M.i ft. Laws - Until I Get On (Remix)

Last we heard from M.i, the Austin repper had just learned one of life’s toughest lessons: sometimes you’ve gotta Take a Loss in order to reign victorious in the end. Fresh off that humbling experience, however...Read More

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M.i ft. Mikkey Halsted - Take a Loss

Nearly a year has passed since M.i. stepped into the Booth with his first feature, a cut which found him pursuing a beautiful woman (who may or may not have been a metaphor for success in the music game). In the Time since,...Read More

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M.i. - Time

So much to listen to, so little Time... Fortunately, you’ve got DJBooth.net to help you decide what music is worth your while. With that said, those who choose to give M.i‘s first feature a listen are guaranteed...Read More

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