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Mazon - The Will (Intro) Artwork

Mazon - The Will (Intro)

In rap as in just about everything else, victory often goes not to the most skilled, but to those with The Will to persevere come what may. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s Mazon exemplifies the tenacity and drive necessary...Read More

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Mazon - Sun Roof (Remix) Artwork

Mazon - Sun Roof (Remix)

Sometimes, it takes a minute for the public to recognize greatness. Just ask Picasso or Van Gogh; their sh*t wasn’t poppin’ until they were long gone! Mazon, though not a painter, wants to make sure his work is...Read More

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Mazon - Maintaining

Booth newcomer Mazon‘s hustle has been arduous, but don’t worry; whatever obstacles life may toss in the Keystone State spitter’s path, he’s gonna keep on Maintaining till he gets his rightful shine....Read More

Average Rating: 32101