M1 (of dead prez) Songs

SKAM2? - Definition ft. M1 (of dead prez) & DJ Immortal Artwork
Artist: SKAM2?
Featuring: M1 (of dead prez)
Though Miami rhymesayer SKAM2? is a seasoned veteran of the rap game who’s recorded with the likes of Eminem, Raekwon and Talib Kweli, he’s hasn’t made an appearance on the Booth’s front page... More
Posted one month ago
A-Alikes ft. M1 (of dead prez) - Whole Life Artwork
Artist: A-Alikes
Featuring: M1 (of dead prez)
It’s a shame you can’t list “the struggle” under “Employment History” on your CV; after the decades of experience they’ve each racked up in the streets, Ness and K of... More
Posted one year ago
Miami Beat Wave ft. M1 (of dead prez) - LP&U Artwork
Featuring: M1 (of dead prez)
Song: LP&U
If there are three things that Miami Beat Wave stand for in this world, they’re Love, Peace & Unity… with “havin’ fun” as a close fourth. Their latest single, a... More
Posted 2 years ago
Editor's Pick
M1 ft. Nas - Genocide Highway Artwork
Featuring: Nas
On November 9, 1799, an African-Caribbean slave named Denmark Vesey purchased his freedom after winning $1550 in a city lottery. Once unchained, however, he didn’t simply start a new life for... More
Posted 2 years ago
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