Lorine Chia Songs

COMMONAVE ft. Lorine Chia - Yellow Train Artwork
Featuring: Lorine Chia
Stokely Raps, Phrazes and Jordan M. of COMMONAVE may not be household names just yet, but they’ll be at the top “in due time.” And they’re gonna get there on a Yellow Train, according... More
Posted on Sep 08, 2014
Lorine Chia - Wondering Where Artwork
Album: Naked Truths
Everybody wanted to run away at some point as a child. Whenever you’re parents stressed you out, why wouldn’t you want to leave and make your own rules out in the real world? As you grow... More
Posted on May 01, 2014
DJ E-V ft. Lorine Chia & Machine Gun Kelly - Good Time Artwork
Artist: DJ E-V
I’ve been writing for The DJBooth for a hot minute now, but it still feels pretty damn strange to sit in front of my desk at 1:00 on a Tuesday afternoon, listening to adrenaline-pumping club... More
Posted on Jan 21, 2014
Editor's Pick
Lorine Chia - Eve’s Perspective Artwork
Album: Naked Truths
The way the Book of Genesis tells it, Adam and Eve’s fall from grace was a consequence of the latter’s lust for knowledge, which allowed her to be seduced and manipulated by the wily... More
Posted on Oct 10, 2013
Lorine Chia - Fly High Artwork
Lorine Chia‘s debut DJBooth feature, December 2012’s Crazy Things, saw the Cameroonian-born, Cleveland-based up-and-comer struggling to extricate herself from a relationship that was... More
Posted on May 31, 2013
Lorine Chia - Crazy Things Artwork
Unless you have been living on Mars for the past two years, I am sure you have heard Ellie Goulding’s hit single Lights in one form or another. Despite the song’s popularity, and tendency to... More
Posted on Dec 18, 2012