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Tech N9ne - Strangeulation Cypher Artwork

Tech N9ne - Strangeulation Cypher

For any semi-serious Kung Fu movie fans, The Game of Death is one of the genre’s biggest What Ifs. The premise was a simple yet intriguing one that is centered around a tiered building of masters in various fields of...Read More

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Kutt Calhoun ft. Tech N9ne - I Been Dope Artwork

Kutt Calhoun ft. Tech N9ne - I Been Dope

Strange Music emcee Kutt Calhoun may be buzzing lately, but don’t get it twisted: his freshness is by no means a recent phenomena. On the latest single off his senior set, the Kansas City stalwart takes the opportunity...Read More

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Kutt Calhoun

Kutt Calhoun ft. Joe Budden - Redemption

A member of Tech N9ne‘s Strange Music roster, Kutt Calhoun has clearly been learning from his Dark Lord and Master label boss’ example; on his latest single and first Booth feature, Redemption, the Kansas City...Read More

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