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Kush Kelz ft. Troy Ave - Takin Ova Artwork

Kush Kelz ft. Troy Ave - Takin Ova

Kush Kelz has been playing it Cool since July, when he last stepped into the Booth with a fresh record. Now that it’s 2014, though, he and his clique are “Takin Ova everything.” On the Jersey repper’s first...Read More

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Kush Kelz ft. Tolu - Stay Cool Artwork

Kush Kelz ft. Tolu - Stay Cool

I love summer, but sometimes the heat is just too much. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to Stay Cool. When my temperature (and consequently temper) rise, though, I think it’d probably would be best to press...Read More

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Kush Kelz

Kush Kelz - I Declare War

The name “Kush Kelz” may not be widely known—but neither was “Genghis Khan,” till he and the united Mongol tribes were breathing down Northern China’s collective neck. Point is, you’d be a fool not to...Read More

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