Kublakai Songs

Kublakai - Daybreak Artwork
Artist: Kublakai
Every day, millions of people worldwide hop in their vehicles while it’s still dark outside and watch the sun rise as they commute to their workplaces. I don’t happen to be one of them... More
Posted about 6 months ago
Artist: Kublakai
Intended for inclusion on this summer’s The Basics 2 mixtape but left off the final tracklist, Kublakai ‘s latest feature finds him reflecting upon the need for Accountability both... More
Posted 2 years ago
Artist: Kublakai
Featuring: Grynch
The latest of many dope and diverse Seattle representatives to introduce himself to our pages in recent weeks, Kublakai asks the people in his general vicinity to “Rock That $#!+” on his... More
Posted 3 years ago