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KON Sci (of MindsOne) ft. DJ Slim Deluxe - Possibilities Artwork
From geocentrism to Newtonian physics, countless theories have been accepted as true only to be turned upside down when new information forced us to reconsider deeply-held assumptions about the... More
Posted one year ago
KON Sci (of MindsOne) - Dire Straits Artwork
Ever bust out your NES to revisit some retro-gaming memories and pop in a copy of Super Mario or Castlevania, only to find that dust in the cartridge has transformed those familiar stages into glitchy... More
Posted 2 years ago
L’Orange ft. Kaimbr, Kon Sci & Legacy - My Time Artwork
Artist: L'Orange
Song: My Time
For as much as hip-hop artists say they’re about their paper, their chosen pathway to riches certainly isn’t the easiest one—and I’m willing to bet that Booth newcomer... More
Posted 3 years ago