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Kokayi ft. AP The Prince - Until Now Artwork

Kokayi ft. AP The Prince - Until Now

Many rappers have dropped a song a week for an entire month or two, believing that they are on their grind like a skater, but no artist has ever tried to release a song a day for an entire calender year…Until Now. D.C....Read More

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Substantial ft. Kenn Starr & Kokayi - Grateful Artwork

Substantial ft. Kenn Starr & Kokayi - Grateful

Thanksgiving may be a month and change away, but it’s never a bad time to count your blessings. Maryland rhymesayer Substantial does just that on this freshly-released album bonus cut, expressing his Gratitude for all...Read More

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Laelo ft. Lyriciss & Kokayi - Land of Broken Dreams Artwork

Laelo ft. Lyriciss & Kokayi - Land of Broken Dreams

While there will always be up-and-comers to fantasize about the paradise that awaits once they’ve gotten their big break, those who’ve been there often conclude that the music game’s nothing but a Land of...Read More

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SmCity ft. Skyzoo & Kokayi - Twilight

I never would’ve pegged SMCity as a Stephanie Meyer fan, but I guess looks can be deceiving. On his latest feature, a Booth-exclusive world premiere, the DMV native comes out of the closet as a Twilight diehard,...Read More

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Kokayi ft. Substantial & Tamara Wellons - Summery

You’ve gotta love an artist who tells it like it is. Take Kokayi, for example: the DMV buzzmaker’s latest feature is titled Summery, and “summery” is exactly what it is. Fortunately for yours truly – since I...Read More

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Kokayi - DJ Play

While Kokayi‘s still riding high off the critical acclaim for recent LP Robots & Dinosaurs (featuring Booth debut Chanticleer), the DMV representative’s not resting on his laurels. Today, the Grammy-winning...Read More

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Kokayi - Chanticleer

Derived from an Old French word meaning “to sing clearly,” “Chanticleer” has evolved into an metonymic term for “rooster” through its use by Chaucer and others as the name of a famous folkloric character....Read More

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