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Kobi Onyame - Goodbye World, Hello Artwork

Kobi Onyame - Goodbye World, Hello

Sometimes, you’ve got to leave a place for a period of time and return in order to view it with clear eyes. Generally, that span encompasses weeks, months or years, but for Kobi Onyame a second or two suffices. On a...Read More

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Kobi Onyame - The Real (Pt. 2) Artwork

Kobi Onyame - The Real (Pt. 2)

Been listening to that fake sh*t so long that you’ve forgotten what The Real sounds like? Allow Kobi Onyame to jog your memory. On the latest song release off his forthcoming EP, Part 2 of a cut which has not, to my...Read More

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Kobi Onyame

Kobi Onyame ft. Danay Mariney - Heartbeat

Before I heard London emcee Kobi Onyame‘s latest effort, I was expecting something similar to Dreams, a catchy, high energy track, which was first featured at the Booth back in July. Boy, was I ever wrong. On Heartbeat,...Read More

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Kobi Onyame ft. Jamie Sellers - Dreams Artwork

Kobi Onyame ft. Jamie Sellers - Dreams

While being an up-and-coming Hip-Hop artist may seem like it’s all peaches and cream from the outside, the harsh reality is that it couldn’t be more different from the inside. With that said, it’s always...Read More

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