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Kings Dead - Don’t Need Much Artwork

Kings Dead - Don’t Need Much

Sonny Shotz and Alex Mendoza of Kings Dead Don’t Need Much in this world; if they’ve got homies who are loyal unto death, the opportunity to hustle round the clock in pursuit of their dreams, and a Grammy award on...Read More

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Kings Dead - Honest Abe Artwork

Kings Dead - Honest Abe

If I were to earn a dollar for every replay the latest record from Kings Dead will get, I’d own about a bazillion pictures of Honest Abe. While the duo have put The Dean’s List behind them, they still have the...Read More

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Kings Dead - Not a Worry Artwork

Kings Dead - Not a Worry

With the aggressive, ambitious bars and tension-fraught beats Kings Dead showcased on previous singles ‘94 and Over Dinner, listeners could be forgiven for assuming the Bostonian rapper/producer duo were a little...Read More

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Kings Dead - Over Dinner Artwork

Kings Dead - Over Dinner

Looking for some new music to spin Over Dinner at your next soiree? The latest single from Boston crew Kings Dead (formerly known as The Dean’s List) may be just what the doctor ordered. Sure, it might cause your...Read More

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Kings Dead - ‘94 Artwork

Kings Dead - ‘94

Previously known as The Dean’s List, Alex Mendoza and Sonny Shotz have transformed from straight-A students into rebels against the crown since last we saw them. ‘94, the duo’s first feature as Kings Dead,...Read More

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