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Taylor Bennett ft. King L - New Chevy Artwork
Featuring: King L
Taylor Bennett may be Chance The Rapper’s brother, but, at least for me, I don’t see him that way; I actually knew about him before I did Chance. Besides can’t he just be his own... More
Posted on Jul 07, 2014
King L
Artist: King L
If King L came across a magic lamp in the streets of his native Chicago, he wouldn’t need to sit and ponder what his three wishes should be. He’d look that genie straight in the eye and... More
Posted on Jun 17, 2013
King L - Hella Bandz and Loud Artwork
Artist: King L
While King L has been absent from our pages since dropping off last October’s Val Venis, the Chi-Town up-and-comer’s been busy in the meantime—very busy, in fact. Most recently, the... More
Posted on Mar 14, 2013
King L - Val Venis Artwork
Artist: King L
Update: Click “Watch Video” above to view the Val Venis video. Mobile users can scroll down. I’m not going to front, before I even pressed play on Val Venis, King L had my attention... More
Posted on Oct 28, 2012
King L ft. Pusha T & Juicy J - My Hoes They Do Drugs Artwork
Artist: King L
Featuring: Juicy J | Pusha T
Molly and Mary Jane may come across as two of the most wholesome names around, but Mary Jane has long been a nickname for marijuana and Molly has increasingly become the new moniker for ecstasy. So it... More
Posted on Oct 26, 2012