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Boris ft. Kembe X - Civilized Animals Artwork

Boris ft. Kembe X - Civilized Animals

Between ostentatious comparisons (to god, MLK…you name it) and crazy nicknames, rapper have always had an…um…“interesting” sense of reality. Booth newcomer Boris and his guest Kembe X happen to...Read More

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Alex Wiley

Alex Wiley & Kembe X - Know Normal

Normal? Alex Wiley doesn’t Know what Normal feels like. Neither does unsigned buzzmaker Kembe X—which makes the two of ‘em natural collaborative partners. On this freshly-minted promo single, the Closed Sessions...Read More

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Maya Sýmone ft. Kembe X - Summertime Chi Artwork

Maya Sýmone ft. Kembe X - Summertime Chi

Chicago may not be perfect, but I defy you to visit the Windy City during June, July or August without falling in love. On album lead single and Booth debut Summertime Chi, rising R&B songstress Maya Sýmone waxes poetic...Read More

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Kembe X - Village Over Everything Artwork

Kembe X - Village Over Everything

I don’t know what they are putting in the water in the Chi, but promising young emcees have been coming out of the woodwork at a downright astonishing rate. Just when you think all the talent has been unearthed, along comes...Read More

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Alex Wiley

Alex Wiley ft. Chance The Rapper & Kembe X - #MoPurp

For those who’ve been taking their chewable multivitamins and acing their Android brain exercise apps the name of DJBooth newcomer Alex Wiley should sound familiar.  And that is because his Closed Sessions record...Read More

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