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Minty Burns ft. Christian’Dee - Higher Grounds Artwork

Minty Burns ft. Christian’Dee - Higher Grounds

As an up-and-coming rapper striving to carve out his niche in the hip-hop game, Minty Burns isn’t exactly in a position to settle down just yet. Lately, though, his girl’s been trying to take over his life, as...Read More

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Minty Burns

Minty Burns ft. GLC - Counting

It’s not often you get the unlikely combination of veteran and newcomer, but that’s what we have today in Counting, courtesy of Toronto native Minty Burns (formerly Jr. Mint). A classic suburban hip-hop jam,...Read More

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JR Mint - Magnificent Artwork

JR Mint - Magnificent

Recently glimpsed driving his whip like it was Stolen on leak number one off his next mixtape, JR Mint returns with another Magnificent jam off his forthcoming full-length. Here, UK super-producer Star Slinger‘s hazy...Read More

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JR Mint ft. Lokz - Stolen Artwork

JR Mint ft. Lokz - Stolen

You know you’ve made it when you start driving your own whip like it’s Stolen. On JR Mint‘s latest mixtape leak, the T-Dot representer paints a lyrical picture of the good life, exulting in the fruits of his...Read More

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JR Mint - Alligator Green Artwork

JR Mint - Alligator Green

With the love for cash and cannbis he’s exhibited on previous features, it should come as no surprise that JR Mint‘s favorite color is Alligator Green. The latest leak off the T-dot native’s forthcoming...Read More

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Minty Burns

JR Mint ft. Emilio Rojas - Do It Right

“If you’re going to do something, Do It Right.” is clearly a maxim that T-dot emcee JR Mint has taken to heart. This new mixtape single finds J. Glaze cooking up a smooth string/synth instrumental to back...Read More

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Minty Burns

JR Mint ft. Freck Billionaire - Money Bagz

Still riding high on the wave of Booth acclaim he received for his last feature, the THC-drenched Smoke Out’, JR Mint returns to address the other kind of green on another new mixtape leak. As Pro Logic flips an eerily...Read More

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Minty Burns

JR Mint - Smoke Out

You might expect a rapper with a name like JR Mint to drop cinematically sweet songs…and you wouldn’t be far off. Just a few weeks after he walked us into the The Bakery on his Booth-approved debut, Mint is back and ready...Read More

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JR Mint ft. Smoke DZA - The Bakery Artwork

JR Mint ft. Smoke DZA - The Bakery

Say what you will about Michael Richards (“racist buffoon” about covers it), but Kramer was right about one thing: you never turn down a Junior Mint. Or, in this case, a new record by up-and-coming emcee JR Mint. His...Read More

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