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Jovi Rockwell - I Got You Artwork

Jovi Rockwell - I Got You

Thought you knew Jovi Rockwell? Thought you had her all figured out? Think again. While new EP single I Got You retains the bouncy dancehall-pop feel of previous features, the Kingston native’s sound has been spruced up...Read More

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Snoop Lion ft. Jovi Rockwell - La La La Artwork

Snoop Lion ft. Jovi Rockwell - La La La

When you’ve been around as long as Snoop Dogg you’re bound to go through some changes as an artist. When Snoop first arrived he was a gangster rapper who smoked a lot of weed, and now, he just smokes a lot of...Read More

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Jovi Rockwell - Your Youth Artwork

Jovi Rockwell - Your Youth

Though Jovi Rockwell hasn’t scored a solo Booth feature since back in 2010 (I guess she was serious when she said she was going to Dilly Dally) , the Kingston-born singer recently was catapulted back into the Booth...Read More

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¡MAYDAY! ft. Jovi Rockwell - Imprint Artwork

¡MAYDAY! ft. Jovi Rockwell - Imprint

Fresh off blessing our eardrums with reader-approved remix Strange March, ¡MAYDAY! return to our front page with another in a long line of standouts off their Strange Music debut. Released along with its...Read More

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¡MAYDAY! ft. Jovi Rockwell - On 2 Someth’n (Remix)

With a penchant for genre-bending grooves and talent to spare, Florida hip-hop group ¡MAYDAY! and Kingston-bred singer-songwriter Jovi Rockwell are two acts that seem destined to push the game forward – fan or not, you...Read More

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Jovi Rockwell

Jovi Rockwell - Dilly Dally

In my mental dictionary, the phrase “Dilly Dally” (v., to waste time, especially in indecision) is filed next to “chop-chop!” and “cattywampus” under “Weird Slang Only My Grandma Uses.” Jovi Rockwell, however,...Read More

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Flo Rida

Flo Rida ft. Lil Wayne & Jovi Rockwell - Fresh I Stay (Pt. 2)

Some artists just have a great ear for beats. And while some of the most lyrical rappers can occasionally be instrumentally-challenged (see: Nas), there are still some dog-eared emcees out there today. Flo-Rida is one of...Read More

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Jovi Rockwell

Jovi Rockwell - Keep It Real

The Booth has been bereft of new music from Jovi Rockwell ever since she dropped Ben four months ago, but her new joint might just be ill enough to make up for the lost time. Keep It Real is Ms. Rockwell’s latest leak off...Read More

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Jovi Rockwell

Jovi Rockwell - Ben

Out today, the latest mixtape from Killin Dem singer/songwiter Jovi Rockwell finds the Kingston-bred up-and-comer lying down on the couch for a musical Psycho Therapy session. What’s been bothering her? Well, on this...Read More

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Jovi Rockwell

Jovi Rockwell - Killin’ Dem

If you take a scroll through the archives, you’ll find countless Caribbean club-pop tracks dedicated to alluring shortys with jaw-dropping dance moves, but precious few such jams by the ladies themselves....Read More

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