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Jordan Bratton - Must Be Artwork

Jordan Bratton - Must Be

Jordan Bratton‘s last feature, When I Get There, saw him offering a more vibrant, upbeat take on his usual atmospheric style, with impressive results. On his latest promo single, Must Be, the Long Island...Read More

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Jordan Bratton

Jordan Bratton - When I Get There

Last we heard from Jordan Bratton, on a February video single off his Grey Area LP, he was mourning the fact that he and an ex-girl had turned into Strangers. The Long Island representative’s latest promo single marks a...Read More

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Jordan Bratton - Stranger Artwork

Jordan Bratton - Stranger

Jordan Bratton‘s been a Stranger to the Booth since dropping off his debut studio album in December, but neither we nor his many fans on our pages have forgotten about him. Not a moment too soon, the NYC electronic...Read More

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Jordan Bratton - Danger 3 Artwork

Jordan Bratton - Danger 3

Beware, Booth readers: untold perils await, should you hit play and listen to Jordan Bratton‘s latest single. Although, frankly, I can’t think of any right now; maybe you could hurt your ears, if you had the...Read More

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Jordan Bratton - Black Fever Artwork

Jordan Bratton - Black Fever

Thankfully, the Black Plague is long gone, but the new, equally powerful Black Fever will likely spread just as fast; there is no way to listen and not be infected by Jordan Bratton’s unique, feathery style. Nobody knows...Read More

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Jordan Bratton - Midnight Rage Artwork

Jordan Bratton - Midnight Rage

Jordan Bratton‘s recent debut feature found the buzzmaking artist and producer stuck in The Grey area between love and exasperation, thanks to a certain woman’s fickle, manipulative behavior. A week and change...Read More

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Jordan Bratton - The Grey Artwork

Jordan Bratton - The Grey

Though the music industry loves to sort artists into convenient boxes, there will always be those who fall into The Grey area. Take Jordan Bratton, a buzzmaking artist and producer whose debut single (and first DJBooth...Read More

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