John Dew Songs

Hollywood FLOSS ft. Mickey Factz & John Dew - Million Dollar Smile Artwork
Featuring: Mickey Factz | John Dew
For some rappers, having a crooked grill is a point of pride. Hollywood FLOSS, on the other hand, considers his Million Dollar Smile one of his best features—second only to his “billion dollar... More
Posted on Nov 26, 2013
John Dew ft. Skyzoo & Dustin Prestige - Capitol of the World Artwork
Artist: John Dew
Featuring: Dustin-Prestige | Skyzoo
I’ll keep it real: when I hear the phrase “Capitol of the World,” Houston isn’t the first city to spring to mind. Be that as it may, I’m not about to argue with a record as dope... More
Posted on Jul 01, 2013
John Dew ft. Bee Ardoin - What’s Stopping You Artwork
Artist: John Dew
Previously heard reminding listeners that currency isn’t reverything on Richman (Remix), John Dew returns to drop a little more knowledge on his latest mixtape single. On What’s Stopping... More
Posted on Aug 09, 2011
Artist: hasHBrown
Featuring: The Boy Illinois | John Dew
Fresh off the aptly-named, reader-acclaimed Crazy, Houston, Texas repper hasHBrown returns with a fresh mixtape leak sure to send his stock skyrocketing among fans of gritty underground grooves.... More
Posted on Jun 14, 2011
John Dew ft. The Boy Illinois & Rob Jay - Richman (Remix) Artwork
Artist: John Dew
Featuring: The Boy Illinois
If you were to ask a man on the street whether money buys true happiness, odds are that he’ll answer you, without hesitation, in the negative. Then he’ll go right back to fretting over his... More
Posted on Feb 16, 2011