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Jetta - OPERATORS Artwork


As easy as it is to live a life where you are given specific directions to accomplish a specific task or duty, we all long to be our own boss. Starting at an early age when we all wanted to set our own bed time to adulthood...Read More

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Jetta - Crescendo Artwork

Jetta - Crescendo

Humans never want to feel trapped. So at any sign of a wall being built in front of us, we feel the need to knock another down. I’m glad UK buzzmaker Jetta knows what I’m talking about. On her new energetic...Read More

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Jetta - Start a Riot Artwork

Jetta - Start a Riot

A buzzmaking singer/songwriter hailing from Liverpool, Great Britain, Jetta introduces herself to our pages with a record so powerful, it just might Start a Riot. Rather than beginning at full force, this record begins at a...Read More

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