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Jeremy Thurber ft. Amos - BUZZKILL Artwork

Jeremy Thurber ft. Amos - BUZZKILL

“Jeremy Thurber just dropped a new record? What a BUZZKILL”... said nobody ever. Despite what the title might suggest, the unsigned crooner’s latest feature won’t f**k up your good time; in fact, its breezy,...Read More

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Jeremy Thurber - Power Of Your Love Artwork

Jeremy Thurber - Power Of Your Love

If you’ve ever experienced a tough breakup, you know how terrible it is not to know when you’ll finally get over the one you love. You can tell yourself “its over” as many times as you want, but it...Read More

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Jeremy Thurber - Forever & a Day Artwork

Jeremy Thurber - Forever & a Day

Last we heard from Jeremy Thurber, he was fruitlessly begging his girl to reconsider as she walked out the door. Five-plus months later, the San Diego singer/songwriter has got his eye on a new woman; unfortunately,...Read More

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Jake Miller

Jake Miller ft. Jeremy Thurber - What I Wouldn’t Give

Like the delicious but elusive Klondike Bar, fame is something that many people are willing to undertake difficult, dangerous and often f**king ridiculous tasks in order to attain. So, what would Jake Miller do for his piece...Read More

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Jeremy Thurber - B Mine Artwork

Jeremy Thurber - B Mine

When we first met Jeremy Thurber, on ‘09’s I Love You But, the San Diego singer/songwriter was attempting to tactfully break it to his girl that, well, he’s just not that into her anymore. Fast-forward...Read More

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Jeremy Thurber

Jeremy Thurber - I Love You But

Like Stuck with Each Other (also featured today), San Diego singer/songwriter Jeremy Thurber‘s new single addresses the temptation to cut one’s losses and leave when a relationship hits stormy seas.  In...Read More

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