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Jenny Bapst - Bad Girl Artwork

Jenny Bapst - Bad Girl

It’s an open secret that, despite what they might say to the contrary, women prefer bad boys. Men, on the other hand, will just straight up tell you they’re looking for a Bad Girl. In that case, they’re...Read More

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Jenny Bapst ft. Hal Linton - Wrong But Right Artwork

Jenny Bapst ft. Hal Linton - Wrong But Right

Jenny Bapst first (and to date only) Booth feature, December 2010’s Greater Love, saw her expressing her gratitude to a guy who had held her down through thick and thin. A year and change later, however, the...Read More

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Jenny Bapst

Jenny Bapst - Greater Love

Considering the city’s reputation as the most romantic place on Earth, Paris should by all rights breed phenomenal R&B singers, non? Mais oui! In support of my hypothesis, I proudly present Greater Love, the latest...Read More

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