Jay Beretta Songs

Jay Beretta - Sweet Memories Artwork
Jay Beretta‘s come a long way from his humble beginnings, but that doesn’t mean he looks at his childhood and adolescence in a negative light. On the contrary, those eras of his life are... More
Posted about 9 months ago
Miles Marquee
Featuring: Jay Beretta
Fresh off expressing his faith in God’s Plan on the final pre-release leak off his collaborative mixtape with Jerry Parker, Marquee Miles is back with a brand new single off the project. On Can... More
Posted 3 years ago
Jay Beretta
Featuring: Masspike Miles
When it comes to music, I like my tracks like most women like their intimate encounters: I don’t want a two minute song, and if I do come across one, it better be pretty damn good. With that in... More
Posted 5 years ago
Jay Beretta
Featuring: Tynisha Keli
Booth newcomer Jay Beretta‘s stage name is no accident; according to his MySpace bio, the Motown rapper prides himself on the same qualities that the Italian firearm manufacturer has come to... More
Posted 5 years ago
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