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Mike Dash-E ft. P-LO, K00L J0HN & Jay Ant - Like Me Artwork
Featuring: Jay Ant
Song: Like Me
You know you’re doing well when your peers start imitating you. You know you’re killing it when they fail at it. On new single Like Me, Bay Area rhymesayer Mike Dash-E,  lets would-be... More
Posted 4 months ago
Artist: IAMSU!
Featuring: 50 Cent | Jay Ant
With IAMSU!‘s debut album only a month away from release, his loyal fans are undoubtedly starting to feel a bit restless—especially considering the project’s last single, Plan B, hit our... More
Posted 9 months ago
Editor's Pick
Artist: G-Eazy
Featuring: E-40 | Jay Ant
On the lead single off his next independent full-length, G-Eazy looked back on his carefree (and mildly debauched) adolescence, and scoffed at those who doubted his ability to succeed in the hip-hop... More
Posted 10 months ago
Editor's Pick
G-Eazy ft. Jay Ant - Far Alone Artwork
Artist: G-Eazy
Featuring: Jay Ant
G-EAZY‘s last feature, Gotta Go, saw him reflecting with ambivalence on the whirlwind of sex, drugs and partying his life has become. On Far Alone, the lead single off his next LP, the Los... More
Posted one year ago
Artist: Donnis
Featuring: IAMSU! | Jay Ant
After searching for a Girl Like You earlier in the week with Zak Downtown, Atlanta rapper Donnis is back with yet another teaser from his forthcoming EP Break Hundreds & Hearts. After rolling solo... More
Posted 2 years ago
Jay Ant & IAMSU ft. Mike Dash E - On My Mind Artwork
Artist: Jay Ant
Featuring: IAMSU!
Previously heard collaborating on November 2011’s reader-approved Curly Shirley, Jay Ant and Iamsu! have rejoined forces to bring us On My Mind, the latest single off their forthcoming... More
Posted 3 years ago
Jay Ant
Artist: Jay Ant
Featuring: IAMSU!
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most ratchet of them all? Since I don’t actually have a magic mirror, I’ll answer my own question: it’s Booth newcomer Jay Ant. For proof,... More
Posted 3 years ago
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