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K. Sparks ft. JD - Drummer Boy Artwork

K. Sparks ft. JD - Drummer Boy

No longer content simply to bring joy to heads everywhere by spitting hot rhymes over banging production, perennial Booth fave K. Sparks has set his sights on something bigger with his latest project – as he puts it in the...Read More

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K. Sparks ft. JD - Kickin Rhymes Artwork

K. Sparks ft. JD - Kickin Rhymes

When you’re as good at what you do as reader favorite, freestyle series contributor and all-around on-the-mic powerhouse K. Sparks, do you really need a concept in order to craft a high-caliber cut? Nah – for proof,...Read More

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K. Sparks ft. JD - Jazz  (We Got) [Freestyle] Artwork

K. Sparks ft. JD - Jazz (We Got) [Freestyle]

It’s no exaggeration to say that A Tribe Called Quest’s classic album Low End Theory is one of the biggest reasons I’ve devoted my professional life to hip-hop, so I’m instantly suspicious of anyone who dares touch...Read More

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J.D. of Duality

J.D. of Duality ft. K. Sparks - Rider

Outsiders beware – the streets of the Rotten Apple hold countless dangers for the unwary traveler. Don’t take it from me, though; take it from J.D. Of Duality, the Hollis, N.Y. Rider previously heard flowing alongside...Read More

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K. Sparks

K. Sparks ft. J.D. & Angelous - Three Card Monte

Need a refresher course on what sets K. Sparks and his crew apart from the rest? Look no further – on Three Card Monte, the latest leak off his and frequent producer Pajozo‘s recently-released Soul Food mixtape, the...Read More

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J.D. of Duality

J.D. of Duality ft. K. Sparks - True Dat

Featured back in late May, Manic Monday #39 saw reader favorite K. Sparks joining forces with J.D. of Duality to serve heads across the ‘net a heaping helping of Soul Food.  Now, the Booth-acclaimed collaborators...Read More

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