IshDARR Songs

IshDARR - Too Bad Artwork
Artist: IshDARR
Song: Too Bad
Though you were going to escape our clutches without enjoying some new music from IshDARR this Thursday morning? I don’t know what planet you’re from where dope hip-hop is something to be avoided... More
Posted about 2 months ago
IshDARR - Vibe Artwork
Artist: IshDARR
Song: Vibe
Exactly one month after blessing our front page with the reader-acclaimed DOWN, IshDARR returns with another fresh single for y’all to Vibe out to—and this one happens to be attached to a... More
Posted 2 months ago
IshDARR - DOWN Artwork
Artist: IshDARR
Song: DOWN
Is you DOWN to listen to some fresh, whip-ready music this Monday morning? I can’t hear you but, since you’re browsing The DJBooth, I’ma go ahead and assume the answer’s... More
Posted 3 months ago
IshDARR - August Artwork
Artist: IshDARR
Song: August
Having unleashed a brand new “video album” earlier this week, IshDARR could have just sat back and enjoyed his 18th birthday secure in the knowledge of a job well done. But that just ain’t... More
Posted about 8 months ago
IshDARR - Nothing Artwork
Artist: IshDARR
Song: Nothing
Since IshDARR exploded into the DJBooth with the highly-acclaimed POPS, we’ve heard nothing from the teenage Milwaukee buzzmaker. Now he’s back with, well, more Nothing. But don’t... More
Posted 9 months ago
IshDARR ft. Karina - POPS Artwork
Artist: IshDARR
Song: POPS
Labels, be aware. IshDARR, a 17-year-old emcee from Milwaukee, will not sign a contract unless it meets his standards. With his first Booth feature for his single, POPS, I have a feeling that... More
Posted about 12 months ago
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