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India Shawn ft. James Fauntleroy - Floating Away Artwork

India Shawn ft. James Fauntleroy - Floating Away

When we first met India Shawn back in 2012, she was Sinking Into the comfortable embrace of a new relationship. Two years on, love still keeps the ATL singer/songwriter tethered to the ground. When her man isn’t by her...Read More

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Marian Mereba

Marian Mereba ft. India Shawn - Magic Words

On her DJBooth debut, Marian Mereba gets personal; not for lack of trying, but the Philly songstress hasn’t found her other (better) half, and thus hasn’t heard those Magic Words. I suspect she won’t have...Read More

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India Shawn - Sinking In Artwork

India Shawn - Sinking In

It might be her first appearance at The DJBooth, but singer/songwriter India Shawn isn’t shy about sharing her innermost thoughts. On Sinking In, an introspective, mellow tune from her November-released album, the Atlanta...Read More

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