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GQ - Get Fly Artwork

GQ - Get Fly

Spirits a little low this morning? Not to worry—GQ has stopped by the Booth with a little something to help you Get Fly. (And it’s a Booth-exclusive world premiere, so you don’t have to worry about readers of...Read More

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GQ - Last Breath Artwork

GQ - Last Breath

While it might be hard to achieve on a consistent basis, it is important to live every day as if it were your last. Need help getting into the right mindset? Then pay close attention to GQ, who delivers every line of his...Read More

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GQ ft. Rapsody & Rocki Evans - I Know Artwork

GQ ft. Rapsody & Rocki Evans - I Know

I know a lot of things. I know how to write about rap songs, I know how to open a beer bottle with a set of keys, and I know anything GQ is involved in is going to be dope. For the Oakland representer’s latest single GQ...Read More

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GQ - The Town

Unlike many in our country, I have never considered myself prone to violence. I have only fired a gun once (at a shooting range) and I have never been in a fight, but if the Jamla Army needed soldiers, I would be right there...Read More

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Rapsody ft. Childish Gambino & GQ - Beautiful Music Artwork

Rapsody ft. Childish Gambino & GQ - Beautiful Music

Whether it’s a Christmas bonus from your nine to five or a few bonus points from that game you’re obsessed with at Dave & Buster’s, the word “bonus” brings about nothing but jubilation and...Read More

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GQ ft. Bluu Suede & Rapsody - Optimus Prime

In addition to being the name of the fearless leader of the Autobots, “Optimus Prime” translates from Latin to mean (roughly) “The Greatest, the First;” Needless to say, it’s a title that many a rapper would...Read More

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GQ - 1st Period

Recently signed to 9th Wonder‘s Jamla Records label, Birmingham, Alabama rapper (and former UNC standout) GQ gives listeners a little insight into his grind on standout mixtape cut 1st Period. This reflective selection...Read More

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