Gotham Green Songs

Gotham Green ft. Wax - Government Name Artwork
Featuring: Wax
In recent years, an increasing number of emcees have dropped their invented monikers in favor of their Government Names. You don’t have to worry about Gotham Green going that route, though. His... More
Posted on Aug 08, 2014
Gotham Green ft. Hit Skrewface (of ESGN) - Duck Artwork
Song: Duck
On his last feature, L.A./NY dual repper Gotham Green put fakes and wannabes six feet under, telling them to “Rest in Peace.” Apparently a few of ‘em survived, because the freshly-released... More
Posted on Jul 25, 2014
Gotham Green ft. JoJo Pellegrino & MaRika - RIP (It’s Over) Artwork
Featuring: JoJo Pellegrino
Though realness is ostensibly prized highly in the rap game, plenty of fakes and liars manage to slip by without their claims being seriously examined. From now on, they won’t be getting off... More
Posted on Jan 28, 2014
Editor's Pick
Gotham Green x Quickie Mart ft. Wax, P.U.D.G.E. & Chris Clarke - Front Row Friday (Remix) Artwork
Featuring: Wax
What could be better than enjoying a performance by a few of your favorite artists from the best seats in the house? Try having the aforementioned artists perform a brand new record just for you and... More
Posted on Oct 18, 2012
Editor's Pick
Gotham Green x Quickie Mart ft. Freddie Gibbs & T. Mills - All I Know Artwork
Featuring: Freddie Gibbs | T. Mills
With the clock winding down toward the release of Gotham Green and DJ Quickie Mart‘s Haze Diaries Vol. 4, the duo has been gracious enough to drop off yet another banger from their forthcoming... More
Posted on Aug 09, 2012
Gotham Green & Quickie Mart ft. Jabee - Natural Progression Artwork
Featuring: Jabee
With their Haze Diaries Vol. 4 album only days away from dropping, Gotham Green and DJ Quickie Mart remind the world that their music is always evolving with new release Natural Progression. Behind... More
Posted on Aug 03, 2012
Gotham Green & Quickie Mart - The Hard Way Artwork
While learning lessons The Hard Way isn’t always ideal the fact of the matter is that it’s just another harsh reality, which is what emcee Gotham Green discusses on the unapologetic The... More
Posted on Jul 27, 2012
Gotham Green
Featuring: El Prez
I know, I know, we’ve been missing new music from Gotham Green and Quickie Mart too. But after a hiatus filled with touring, moves and solo projects, the dynamic duo are back at it with new single... More
Posted on Jul 13, 2012
Artist: Jabee
Featuring: Gotham Green | Ayomari
One of many gems to be found on Jabee‘s recent, Booth-hosted street album, Jewels makes its return to our pages in officially remixed form. This version of the cut retains the headliner’s... More
Posted on Jun 20, 2011
Gotham Green & El Prez - Inhale Artwork
Featuring: El Prez | Gotham Green
Song: Inhale
In middle school I used to play Grand Theft Auto 3 constantly, religiously even. While I rampaged, I always had to put on Game Radio FM hosted by Stretch Armstrong (remember!?) and as I played, I... More
Posted on May 01, 2011
Gotham Green & Quickie Mart ft. Freddie Gibbs & Jes Hudak - Tell Me Something Artwork
Featuring: Freddie Gibbs
I know what you’re thinking: with a stage name like Gotham Green, this up-and-comer must really care about the environment, right? Well… yes and no. As evidenced by the L.A./N.Y. dual... More
Posted on Jul 20, 2010