Gold Rush Kings Songs

Gold Rush Kings - Swervin Artwork
Song: Swervin
Album: The Rush Tape
Given the title, you might expect Swervin, the latest feature from Cali crew Gold Rush Kings, to be a trippy, intoxicant-fueled cut. Well, you would be half-right. OSYM‘s trippy bordwork might... More
Posted one year ago
Gold Rush Kings - P*ssy Killz Artwork
Album: The Rush Tape
The Gold Rush Kings’ last single saw crewmates JKING and KING-O Swervin’ in their rides while high on a variety of intoxicating substances. Not exactly what you’d call safe, but it... More
Posted one year ago
Gold Rush Kings ft. Like (of Pac Div) - Surreal Artwork
Song: Surreal
Album: The Rush Tape
When JKING and KING-O of the Gold Rush Kings picture their future in the hip-hop game, it looks a lot like a Salvador Dali painting—that is to say, f**king Surreal. Fortunately, the Los Angeles... More
Posted one year ago
Gold Rush Kings ft. Thurz - Knock Em Down Artwork
Featuring: Thurz
Album: The Rush Tape
On their first Booth feature, released back in October, the Gold Rush Kings reflected on how Surreal it will be to finally make it, after struggling for so long. Four months later, the Cali twosome... More
Posted one year ago
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