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GLC ft. King Chip & Chevy Woods - Holdin Artwork

GLC ft. King Chip & Chevy Woods - Holdin

Earlier this week, on a Hassan Khaffaf-assisted single off his next full-length, GLC let the world know in no uncertain terms that he was still the Man. Before he held that title, however, the Chi-town repper was just another...Read More

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GLC ft. Hassan Khaffaf - You the Man Artwork

GLC ft. Hassan Khaffaf - You the Man

It’s been a hot minute since GLC last stepped into the Booth with a fresh solo feature (Bag Up hit our front page back in April), so fans may be wondering: is he still the man? Damn straight he is. On his latest single,...Read More

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Openmic ft. GLC - Sit Back Artwork

Openmic ft. GLC - Sit Back

Openmic‘s last feature, Another One, hit our front page back in October… of 2011. A lot can change in two-plus years but, after comparing and contrasting the aforementioned cut with the Nashville repper’s...Read More

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Minty Burns

Minty Burns ft. GLC - Counting

It’s not often you get the unlikely combination of veteran and newcomer, but that’s what we have today in Counting, courtesy of Toronto native Minty Burns (formerly Jr. Mint). A classic suburban hip-hop jam,...Read More

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King Chip ft. GLC & Chevy Woods - Fresh at My Funeral Artwork

King Chip ft. GLC & Chevy Woods - Fresh at My Funeral

For King Chip, simply being fresh to death isn’t sufficient; he also wants to look maximally fly for his journey into the next world. On Fresh at My Funeral, the Cleveland representative makes a solemn request to homies...Read More

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Alex Wiley ft. Chance The Rapper & GLC - Spaceship II Artwork

Alex Wiley ft. Chance The Rapper & GLC - Spaceship II

Upon hearing Chance The Rapper’s Good Ass Intro, off his newly-released Acid Rap project, I immediately got that “oh sh*t” feeling that first came over me after first listening to Kanye way back in 2002. One reason for...Read More

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GLC x Get Gwop - Bag Up Artwork

GLC x Get Gwop - Bag Up

GLC has always impressed our readers with his versatility. His slowed and slurred delivery might put him in the gangsta rapper category, but he sounds great over any type of production, and his flow has more depth than meets...Read More

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The Kid Daytona ft. GLC - Like This Artwork

The Kid Daytona ft. GLC - Like This

If you are a regular Booth visitor then you’re probably familiar with The Kid Daytona,, who has been features seven times in the last six months (with the likes of Phil Ade, Raheem DeVaughn and Smoke DZA), but I doubt...Read More

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GLC - Leavin’ Feelins Hurt Artwork

GLC - Leavin’ Feelins Hurt

If you don’t know Gangsta Legendary Crisis, better known by his acronym GLC, then you need to brush up on the history of hip hop. The former G.O.O.D. Music signee turned indie general has released a new single off of...Read More

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Kydd ft. GLC, Tank & Max Frost - Russian Roulette Artwork

Kydd ft. GLC, Tank & Max Frost - Russian Roulette

Plenty of rappers say they’re dedicated to the hustle but, when you get down to it, relatively few are willing to put their lives on the line. On the lead single off his next studio album, Booth newcomer Kydd shows just...Read More

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Fly Union ft. GLC - Seen This Before Artwork

Fly Union ft. GLC - Seen This Before

Ladies, take heed; no matter who you’ve kicked it with in the past, nothing will prepare you for the sheer playerism of Columbus, Ohio trio Fly Union. On new single Seen This Before, iYeball‘s slinky synth...Read More

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Shawn Chrystopher

Shawn Chrystopher ft. GLC - H Town (Remix)

Shawn Chrystopher may hail from Inglewood, California, but the emcee has mad respect for H-Town. With that said, his latest feature (presented here in its officially remixed form) has less to do with the Lone Star...Read More

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GLC ft. Raheem DeVaughn - Cathedral Artwork

GLC ft. Raheem DeVaughn - Cathedral

Missed church last Sunday? Well, here’s the perfect opportunity to make it up to the Man Upstairs. On the newly-released title track off GLC‘s next mixtape, the Chi-town repper pays a visit to his local Cathedral,...Read More

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GLC ft. Tennille & Nico Segal - Custom Detail

When one takes GLC‘s general flyness into account, one can easily deduce that the G.O.O.D. Music emcee must possess an impressive whip—if not several. Just in case anybody was in doubt, though, the inaugural leak...Read More

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The O'My's

The O’My’s ft. GLC & Nico (of Kids These Days) - Living Wrong

Sometimes I look back on my days as a teenager, thankful that I’ve grown apart from some people and the actions I would engage in. I know that back then I was definitely Livin Wrong, a sentiment shared by The O’My’s on...Read More

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BBU ft. GLC - The Hood Artwork

BBU ft. GLC - The Hood

How do you follow up a Booth debut as fresh and unconventional as Kurt De La Rocha, the first feature from Windy City crew BBU? However you damn well please, as long as it’s dope. More conventional than its predecessor,...Read More

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GLC ft. Cold Hard, Yelawolf & The Carps - Empty Town Artwork

GLC ft. Cold Hard, Yelawolf & The Carps - Empty Town

It’s been a minute since last we featured GLC on the solo tip—Cold as Ice hit our front page back in October of 2010—but the Chi-town gangster has been grinding H.A.M. in the meantime, pumping out street albums...Read More

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Jon Connor ft. GLC & Cass Swift - Church on the Move Artwork

Jon Connor ft. GLC & Cass Swift - Church on the Move

Fresh off shaking up hip-hop’s status quo on No Thrillz, Jon Connor returns to our pages with another mixtape leak that’s sure to have fans in the Booth exclaiming “Church!.” Church on the Move finds...Read More

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McKenzie Eddy

McKenzie Eddy ft. GLC - Windmills

You might not think of it to look at the picture to the left, but McKenzie Eddy and Jay-Z have a lot in common. You see, in addition to their individual artistic pursuits both Hova and Eddy pull double duty as label founders....Read More

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XV ft. GLC, Emilio Rojas & Casey Veggies - Blame Yourself Artwork

XV ft. GLC, Emilio Rojas & Casey Veggies - Blame Yourself

Are you a female who rejected XV‘s advances in the past, but are now having second thoughts. Well, “you can only Blame Yourself” for the fix you’re in—though, as the Wichita fave (and freestyle...Read More

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The Kickdrums

The Kickdrums ft. GLC - Colors (Remix)

Sometimes when an artist or group puts out an album, as the music begins to age, they become consumed with thoughts of what they could have done differently.  This seems to be the atmosphere that has taken over The...Read More

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Neak ft. GLC & Trinity - Celebration of Life’s ILLZ Artwork

Neak ft. GLC & Trinity - Celebration of Life’s ILLZ

For most people, hardship and suffering are things to be avoided at all costs; for artists like up-and-coming emcee Neak, however, it’s all grist for the lyrical mill. Thus, the Windy City fave’s hooked up with...Read More

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BAINESGOD ft. GLC - Kool Aid Artwork

BAINESGOD ft. GLC - Kool Aid

Keeping it real is hard work—so hard, in fact, that many don’t even bother. On the latest single and first Booth feature from BAINESGOD, the Chitown producer pours some Kool-Aid for the “p*ssy-ass...Read More

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Phil Adé

Phil Adé x GLC ft. Tracie Josephine - Cloud 9

For the last six months, Phil Adé has delivered fans a weekly dose of dopeness as part of his #PhilAdeFridays series. Today, the freestyle series alum brings the series to a strong finish with bittersweet banger Cloud 9....Read More

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STS ft. GLC - Pimpin and Preachin

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m world renowned for two things; my pimpin and my preachin. Oh, I’m actually best known for my off-kilter hip-hop reviews and my ability to make delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, but...Read More

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Cory Mo

Cory Mo ft. Slim Thug, GLC & C.P. - Perfect Ten

Perfect Ten, the latest single from Cory Mo, is more than just a rap record – it doubles as a personal ad, describing exactly what the Texan producer-turned-solo-artist looks for in a woman. Backed by his own slow-rolling,...Read More

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GLC ft. Twista - Cold as Ice

After years of waiting – remember when we thought the album was gonna drop before the end of ‘08? – the arrival of GLC‘s debut set is just one short day away. To tide everyone over, the G.O.O.D. Music...Read More

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Rhymefest & GLC - Bionic Jaws Artwork

Rhymefest & GLC - Bionic Jaws

GLC and Rhymefest could be considered the right and left hand men for Kanye West. Many are unaware that Rhymefest is actually the genius behind Jesus Walks, and GLC is the driving force behind Spaceship. However, with their...Read More

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Nikki Lynette

Nikki Lynette ft. GLC - Nothing to Worry About [Premiere]

An up-and-coming femcee with a left-of-center musical sensibility? And her name’s Nikki?! OK, relax – as Nikki Lynette assures us on her first feature (making its world premiere in the Booth!), there’s...Read More

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Maja 7th

Maja 7th ft. YP & GLC - Dance With the Devil

If you’ve been scouring the internet this week to find out what sex in a jazz club sounds like, congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. Chicago-based newcomer YP (making his DJBooth debut today!) and G.O.O.D....Read More

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Bun B

Bun B & GLC ft. BJ The Chicago Kid - Happiness Over Riches

Back in the ‘90s philosophical trio Biggie, Diddy, and Mase helped us to understand one of life’s most fundamental concepts when they said “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” On Bun B & GLC’s latest track, Happiness...Read More

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4-Ize ft. GLC - Ridin in the Best

Way back in November of ‘08, bespectacled emcee 4-Ize brought us Don’t Nobody Care, a sobering track which found the Chi-Town/Atlanta dual representative addressing, among numerous other ills, the free-falling...Read More

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SoulStice ft. Naledge & GLC - Chi Worldwide (Remix)

Chicago-born and bred emcee SoulStice‘s musical career has taken him a long way from home (he’s currently based in Washington, D.C.), but don’t think for a second that he’s forgotten his roots—no...Read More

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GLC ft. Trouble Man - If I Never

Nostalgia’s a powerful thing, even for those whose early years were filled with hardship and struggle; new mixtape leak If I Never finds G.O.O.D. Music‘s GLC looking back to his days in the streets of Chicago,...Read More

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GLC ft. Kanye West & T-Pain - Flight School

If you’ve ever wished you were as dope as your favorite rapper, GLC has some G.O.O.D. news: as it turns out, even the freshest in the game aren’t born fly—they have to earn their wings in Flight School. ...Read More

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Mikkey Halsted

Mikkey Halsted ft. GLC - Just Juke

If you’re a Chicago native, you probably understand exactly what Mikkey Halsted means when he asks an obliging female to Just Juke.  For the rest of us, a quick trip to provides an unsurprising...Read More

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GLC ft. Kanye West - Big Screen

After he released his I Ain’t Even On Yet mixtape, G.O.O.D. Music artist GLC was the subject of major coverage from the Booth.  Now that he’s begun to get his time in the spotlight, the Chi-Town native can...Read More

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GLC - Heaven

By the end of 2008’s 4th quarter, all of G.O.O.D. Music’s “Big Three” will have released albums; John Legend‘s Evolver is available now, Kanye West‘s 808s & Heartbreak drops November 25, and...Read More

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GLC - I Aint Even On Yet

Looking to continue the success and critical acclaim G.O.O.D. Music has had thus far (Common, John Legend, Consequence,) Kanye West brings his newest artist into the spotlight, GLC (Gangsta L. Crisis).  The Chi-Town...Read More