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Gina Lee - We On Artwork

Gina Lee - We On

I’ve got good news and more good news, Booth readers: first off, T-Dot R&B songstress Gina Lee is doing much better than she was on last fall’s Broken Promises, which found her cutting her losses and walking...Read More

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Gina Lee - Broken Promises Artwork

Gina Lee - Broken Promises

Everybody hates being let down or lied to, but I swear that you will love the latest feature from Gina Lee; no Broken Promises here. I wouldn’t lie when it comes to Gina, because it sounds like she has been through enough....Read More

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Gina Lee - Hard in the Paint Artwork

Gina Lee - Hard in the Paint

The days of the big man-oriented NBA are long gone. Now that guys like Shaq, Olajuwon, and David Robinson are out of the league, there are very few true NBA centers left. Gina Lee might want to get a tryout now, because the...Read More

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Gina Lee - F**k Your Sh*t Up Artwork

Gina Lee - F**k Your Sh*t Up

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” which is exactly why Gina Lee’s ex should be running for the hills right about… now! I’m not sure what her former boo did to her, but whatever it was it certainly has...Read More

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