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FlightSch ft. Diz - Neverland 2.0 Artwork

FlightSch ft. Diz - Neverland 2.0

The first two singles off FlightSch‘s next studio album, Dreamer and Night Syndrome (No Love), found the T-Dot artist looking to his fantasies for solace from loneliness. On his latest effort, a Booth-exclusive world...Read More

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FlightSch - Night Syndrome (No Love) Artwork

FlightSch - Night Syndrome (No Love)

On his last featured single, FlightSch was in the midst of a dream he didn’t want to wake up from. Whenever someone retreats into a fantasy, you can be sure that they’re running away from something, and the After...Read More

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FlightSch - Dreamer Artwork

FlightSch - Dreamer

When musicians write songs about their dreams, they’re typically using the word in the “aspiration” sense. FlightSch, however, seems to have the more literal meaning in mind on new single Dreamer, making its world...Read More

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FlightSch - Fool for You

On FlightSch‘s first and to date only DJBooth feature, the singer/producer transformed Kanye West‘s Cold into an icy R&B cut dedicated to a heartless, but uncannily alluring female. Judging by the...Read More

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FlightSch - She’s So Cold Artwork

FlightSch - She’s So Cold

A brooding banger dealing with alienation in the game and the dark side of modern romance, Kanye‘s Theraflu Way Too Cold Cold was aesthetically congruent to the moody style of today’s R&B...Read More

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