Esty Songs

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Esty - LoveLorn Artwork
Artist: Esty
Esty may try to play the femme fatale, but her cool, manipulative exterior is just a cover for her insecurity. On new single LoveLorn, her first feature since November 2013’s Pools Full of... More
Posted 3 months ago
Esty - Pools Full Of Women Artwork
Artist: Esty
There are Pools Full Of Women out there who can really sing, but picking out the seldom few that have an extra special “something” is a skill every label A&R must possess. Clearly,... More
Posted 11 months ago
Esty ft. Tyga - Killing Your Ills Artwork
Artist: Esty
Featuring: Tyga
The first and only signee to Tyga’s Last Kings imprint up until recently, T-Dot rhymesayer Honey Cocaine just got her first labelmate in the form of Providence, Rhode Island singer/songwriter... More
Posted one year ago