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Esohel - Chase It Artwork

Esohel - Chase It

Some dreams, like flying or dating Beyoncé, are just that…dreams. Others, however, like your dream job or a goal you are determined to reach, can very much be a reality; all you have to do is get out there and Chase...Read More

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Esohel ft. Add-2 - Silence Is Golden Artwork

Esohel ft. Add-2 - Silence Is Golden

In 4’33”, the most famous conceptual work by American experimental composer John Cage, the performer is instructed to hold his or her instrument for the duration of the piece without playing a single note—the point...Read More

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Esohel ft. Nitty Scott, MC - Paid Dues Artwork

Esohel ft. Nitty Scott, MC - Paid Dues

In hip-hop as in most other pursuits, a whole lotta Paid Dues stand between a novice hustler and the success of which he or she has dreamed. Esohel, for one, knows the importance of playing by the rules when you’re...Read More

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Esohel - Pushin’

To succeed in the music game, one needs either tremendous good fortune or some hella fide skills; since underground emcee Esohel‘s a little short on the former (Es-oh-el, get it?), it’s a good thing he’s got...Read More

Average Rating: 32121