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Erene - Think About You Artwork

Erene - Think About You

With March Madness kicking off today, I am sure many of our readers have been racking their brains about which #12 seed will beat a #5 or which #1 seed will be the first to fall. Unfortunately, Erene has been too busy...Read More

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Erene - Admit It Artwork

Erene - Admit It

Ladies, in case you didn’t know, us fellas usually don’t like to be out in the open with our feelings. Oh, you knew that? Well, you might want to inform Erene, because on her latest single she is desperate to get her...Read More

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Erene - Save My Life Artwork

Erene - Save My Life

Featured back in late June, Erene‘s Booth debut found her taking a preemptive strike at the haters—and receiving rave reader reviews for her trouble. Having knocked out her enemies with that very first punch, however,...Read More

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Erene - Here’s to You Artwork

Erene - Here’s to You

Like anyone hustling to achieve a big dream, Erene has encountered her share of haters. On new Bojan Vanovac-directed video single (and Booth debut) Here’s to You, the unsigned pop songstress demonstrates just how...Read More

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