E.M.S. Crew Songs

M-Dot ft. E.M.S. Crew - Today Artwork
Artist: M-Dot
Featuring: E.M.S. Crew
Song: Today
Album: Jake LaDOTta
As his stage name indicates, M-Dot is all about “Making Doubters Over-Think.” The Boston emcee, on the other hand, doesn’t second-guess himself. He acts decisively, leaving foes with no time... More
Posted on Aug 18, 2014
E.M.S. Crew - Crime in the City Artwork
In a scene from the documentary Style Wars, prominently sampled in the intro to Black Star classic Respiration, graffiti writer Skeem describes a two-car piece that read, “All you see is Crime in... More
Posted on Jul 01, 2013
E.M.S. Crew - Start Now Artwork
Don’t listen to E.M.S. Crew? Well, you should Start Now. Making its world premiere right here on our front page, this brand new promo cut finds crew member MAI cooking up an atmospheric,... More
Posted on May 14, 2012
E.M.S. Crew - Global Epidemic Artwork
Every Global Epidemic starts with one event—be it a chance mutation in a virus, a flea bite or one idiot chowing down on chimpanzee meat. Well, hip-hop epidemiologists should take heed: March 20,... More
Posted on Mar 20, 2012