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Mike Schpitz x Dredai - Rolllinnn’ Artwork

Mike Schpitz x Dredai - Rolllinnn’

With gas prices currently hovering above four (f**king) dollars a gallon in Chicago, cruising aimlessly through the city streets is a luxury that precious few can afford. Evidently, Mike Schpitz has some extra cash burning a...Read More

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Dredai - Cigars n Cognac Artwork

Dredai - Cigars n Cognac

Fresh off roping some extraterrestrials on Cowboys & Aliens, the reader-approved inaugural leak off his forthcoming, Booth-sponsored street album, Dredai comes back down to Earth to offer some insight into his hustle on...Read More

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Dredai ft. Ness Lee - Cowboys and Aliens Artwork

Dredai ft. Ness Lee - Cowboys and Aliens

When I caught the trailer for Cowboys and Aliens back in summer 2011, I found myself oddly intrigued—with such a ridiculous premise, it had equal likelihood of being utterly brilliant and flat-out awful. While I never got...Read More

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