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ProbCause ft. Donnie Trumpet & KSRA - Pale Moonlight Artwork

ProbCause ft. Donnie Trumpet & KSRA - Pale Moonlight

Since its release to the ‘net last week, ProbCause‘s latest project has been making some serious WAVES throughout the hip-hop blogosphere. Maybe you haven’t felt the ripples of its impact just yet. In that...Read More

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Donnie Trumpet - New Bisnesss Artwork

Donnie Trumpet - New Bisnesss

Parting ways with your long-standing crew can’t be easy, but Donnie Trumpet (aka Nico Segal) seems to be doing pretty damn well in the wake of the May dissolution of Kids These Days. On New Bisnesss, a freshly-minted...Read More

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Donnie Trumpet

Donnie Trumpet ft. Chance the Rapper & Vic Mensa - Zion

Previously featured under the name Nico Segal as one-seventh of (now defunct) Windy City crew Kids These Days, Donnie Trumpet throws his hat into the solo ring with debut single Zion. Named after the fictional city from the...Read More

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