DirtyDiggs Songs

DirtyDiggs ft. Montage One - Back Catcher Mitt Heaters Artwork
Artist: DirtyDiggs
Featuring: Montage Øne
Lovers of gritty underground boardwork rejoice: next month, fraternal beat duo DirtyDiggs will be releasing a full album’s worth of fresh material featuring all their usual talented... More
Posted 3 days ago
DirtyDiggs ft. TriState, Cali Agent 1 & Rasco - Never Change Artwork
Artist: DirtyDiggs
Featuring: TriState | Rasco
In recent years, underground fraternal beat duo DirtyDiggs has been a regular presence on our pages, contributing gritty production to jams by the likes of TriState, Planet Asia and Montage One.... More
Posted 5 months ago
DirtyDiggs & Planet Asia - Off the Turf Artwork
Artist: DirtyDiggs
Featuring: Planet Asia
In the near future DirtyDiggs will showcase their behind-the-boards prowess on a brand new instrumental LP. “Instrumental” is a relative term, though, because the set will feature bars by at least... More
Posted 6 months ago
Planet Asia x DirtyDiggs - Diamonds, Dollars & Gold Artwork
Featuring: DirtyDiggs
Though nations have long since stopped pegging their currencies to precious metals, Planet Asia is still on the gold standard. On the latest single off his and DirtyDiggs’ DJBooth-approved... More
Posted one year ago
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