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Deca - Gabriel Ratchet Artwork

Deca - Gabriel Ratchet

I’m a sucker for animated music videos, so it’s no wonder that I love the official visuals accompanying Deca’s latest feature, Gabriel Ratchet. Even if you hate cartoons (Who hates cartoons?!?), you have to admire...Read More

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Deca - Edenville Artwork

Deca - Edenville

According to the Book of Genesis, when God drove Adam and Eve out of Eden, he placed a cherub armed with a flaming sword at the gate to discourage re-entry. (That’s the badass, Old Testament kind of cherub, not one of...Read More

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Deca - Due Time

If you’re friends with Kosha Dillz, your mic skills must be pretty legit, right?  Introduced to DJBooth by the Jersey phenom, Booth newcomer Deca is a living testament to the truth of my hypothesis. A cut off the...Read More

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