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Sassieon Dupris ft. Dawn Richard - Bust My Gun Artwork

Sassieon Dupris ft. Dawn Richard - Bust My Gun

Earlier this morning, we heard Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa threaten to shower their foes with hot lead on Shootin. While that cut’s aggressive vibe was unexpected, given the mellowing effects of their mutual favorite herb,...Read More

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Dawn Richard - ARMY Artwork

Dawn Richard - ARMY

Dawn Richard may be a lover and not a fighter, as demonstrated on her last Booth feature, Love on the Rocks, but that isn’t going to stop her from building her own ARMY. If her uptempo, hip hop-infused R&B style is...Read More

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Dawn Richard

Dawn Richard - Love on the Rocks

Some things, such as a glass of Scotch (a la Ron Burgundy) or Tyrone Biggums, are great on the rocks, but Love on the Rocks? That is never a good thing. At least that’s what I thought until I heard Dawn Richard‘s...Read More

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Dawn Richard - Gleaux Artwork

Dawn Richard - Gleaux

Everything sounds fancier in French—even if it’s fake French. For example, why just glow when you can Gleaux, like Dawn Richard does on her latest feature? A standout off the Danity Kane and Dirty Money alum’s...Read More

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Mateo ft. Dawn (of Dirty Money) - Fool For You (Remix)

Previously heard collaborating with none other than Alicia Keys on Say It’s So, up-and-coming R&B singer Mateo joins up with another high-profile cut on his latest feature, a remix of EP cut Fool for You. Here, a...Read More

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Diddy-Dirty Money

Diddy-Dirty Money - Hair Down

Although his last three attempts at putting together a super group have fallen apart or tried to leave Bad Boy (R.I.P. Da Band, Danity Kane and Day26), Diddy has continued on undaunted, forming Dirty Money along with singers...Read More

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Dawn Richard

Dawn Richard ft. Lil’ Wayne - Phase

Danity Kane member Dawn Richard just walked past a man who she’s fallen in love with, but even though her friends tell her it’s just a Phase she always ends up back in his arms.  Fellow New Orleanais...Read More

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