D-Pryde Songs

Trippz Michaud ft. D-Pryde, Chris Miles & Witty - I Don’t Know Artwork
Featuring: Chris Miles | D-Pryde | Witt Lowry
At the top of the month, we heard Trippz Michaud and Toronto-repping guest D-Pryde narrate their transformation from high-school pariahs to rising rap stars (and certified chick magnets) on the... More
Posted 10 months ago
Trippz Michaud ft. D-Pryde - Not Your Type Artwork
Featuring: D-Pryde
Once upon a time, Rush Hour Entertainment signee Trippz Michaud was “the kid no b*tches said ‘Hi’ to.” Now, those very same ladies who spurned him in high school are blowing up his... More
Posted 11 months ago
D-Pryde - Lifted Artwork
Artist: D-Pryde
Song: Lifted
Absent from our pages since dropping off Highway back in 2011, T-Dot buzzmaker D-Pryde makes his triumphant return to The DJBooth with a freshly-minted single off his next EP. On this breezy summer... More
Posted one year ago
D-Pryde - Highway Artwork
Artist: D-Pryde
Song: Highway
Remember, back in late-2009/early-2010, when thousands of Toyota vehicles were recalled due to a problem with a little thing called “stopping”? Well, D-Pryde must have forgotten to bring his whip... More
Posted 3 years ago
D-Pryde ft. Joe Budden - No Sleep Artwork
Artist: D-Pryde
Featuring: Joe Budden
When you’re hustling your way towards success in the music game, napping on the job can cost you your big break. On his first Booth feature (and the lead single off his forthcoming street... More
Posted 3 years ago
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