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D-Gibbs - #Blogroll

“All the people on the blogs that be showin’ me love / keep postin’ my sh*t please, that’s what’s up.” Don’t mind if we do. On newly-leaked mixtape cut #BlogRoll, D-Gibbs takes some...Read More

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D-Gibbs - New Girl Artwork

D-Gibbs - New Girl

Are you a female looking to get in touch with D-Gibbs, but anxious that the Miami spitter won’t be able to work you into his busy schedule? Worry not—as he reveals on his latest mixtape leak, he’s on to a...Read More

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D-GIBBS - The Black Room Artwork

D-GIBBS - The Black Room

We know D-GIBBS is a board game whiz and a ladies’ man, but can he also stack paper? You’d better believe it. On The Black Room, Skate Bravo Productions’ sawtoothed synth boardwork sets the mood as the...Read More

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D-Gibbs - Mr. Smooth

Not only is D-Gibbs a whiz when it comes to board games, but he’s also a hit with the ladies. On this freshly-leaked mixtape cut, Rick & Thaddeus Productions’ sampled boardwork sets the mood as the Panhandle...Read More

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D-Gibbs - Checkers Not Chess

While chess is commonly regarded as the brainiac’s game of choice, I’ve always taken issue with that stereotype—mostly because I don’t really, uh, know how to play. A man after my own heart, Booth...Read More

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