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CurT@!n$ ft. Schoolboy Q - RutHLe$$ Artwork

CurT@!n$ ft. Schoolboy Q - RutHLe$$

On Dead Wrong, a classic, Eminem-assisted single off posthumous album Born Again, Biggie Smalls boasted of being crueler and more merciless than the Devil himself, spitting,“Move over Lucifer, I’m more RutHLe$$.”...Read More

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D-WHY ft. Curt@!n$ - Bad B*tch Concierge Artwork

D-WHY ft. Curt@!n$ - Bad B*tch Concierge

If there really was a hotel that employed a Bad B*tch Concierge, that hotel would be raking in the cash hand over fist. Actually….the line between Bad B*tch Concierge and pimp is pretty slim, maybe it’s a concept...Read More

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Bodega BAMZ ft. Curt@!n$ - Hot Like 95 Artwork

Bodega BAMZ ft. Curt@!n$ - Hot Like 95

Just how hot is Bodega BAMZ’ Booth debut? To quote rap legend Nas on Thief’s Theme, it’s “...Hot Like 95 Fahrenheit on a summer night.” This new single finds producer Apollo Brown (recently...Read More

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Gilbere Forte’ ft. CurT@!n$ - My City To Your City Artwork

Gilbere Forte’ ft. CurT@!n$ - My City To Your City

From KRS-ONE to Young Jeezy, Jay-Z to E-40 and everyone in between, hip-hop has always been about repping the city that raised you, so it should be no surprise that constant Philly representative Gilbere Forte has released...Read More

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Kidz In The Hall

Kidz In The Hall ft. Curt@!ns & Smoke DZA - Dream On

As DJ Z pointed out in his responses to last week’s Kidz in the Hall entry (Star), artists normally use their weekly series to dump material that doesn’t necessarily fit a project, but still worthy enough of releasing to...Read More

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Jeff Chery ft. Curt@!n$ - Doubt Me Artwork

Jeff Chery ft. Curt@!n$ - Doubt Me

Doesn’t it seem like every rapper, even the ones with millions of adoring fans, believe the world is against them? Like Michael Jordan did throughout his entire NBA career, artists today have a tendency to make up imaginary...Read More

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R.O.M.E ft. CurT@!n$ - We Can’t Stop Artwork

R.O.M.E ft. CurT@!n$ - We Can’t Stop

West Coast hopeful R.O.M.E.‘s mood seems to have done a 180 since last summer, when he brought us the bleak and gritty (but highly Booth-acclaimed) Cryin’. In contrast, new single We Can’t Stop is about as...Read More

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Ro Spit

Ro Spit ft. Big Sean, Bun B & Curt@!n$ - #1

Detroit emcee Ro Spit, a.k.a. Octane, a.k.a. DJ Phrikshun is a man of many names, but you can simply call him #1. On his latest single and first feature, the Motown up-and-comer makes no bones about his musical...Read More

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CurT@!N$ - Mode

Though CurT@!N$’ first, and to date only, feature hit our front page more than 10 months ago (in November ‘08) to mixed reviews, he’s since improved his standing in the Booth with guest verses on tracks by...Read More

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Smoke DZA

Smoke DZA ft. CurT@!ns - Give It Up

Weed-smokers rejoice—a star-studded lineup of hip-hop’s foremost Bud Gurus have pooled their talents to create the biggest and best Good Talk mixtape yet.  On the third exclusive world premiere off the...Read More

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Krondon ft. Chace Infinite & CurT@!n$ - Eyes On Me

Is it really paranoia if everybody is watching you?  Well, to answer my own rhetorical question: according to, one’s suspicion of others must be “baseless,” “excessive,” “irrational,” or,...Read More

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Jet Audio

Jet Audio ft. CurT@!n$, Mickey Factz, Outasight & Danny - Stand Alone

Even those who Stand Alone can benefit from a few good connects—case in point: up-and-coming producer Jet Audio, whose latest leak finds him joining forces with with not one, two, or three, but four of the underground...Read More

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CurT@!n$ - Everybody Move!

Previously signed to Tyrese‘s Headquarter Ent., emcee CurT@!n$ is back in the game after quitting music for nearly two years.  Upon listening to Lupe Fiasco‘s The Cool and seeing Kanye West‘s Glow in...Read More

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