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Crew 54

Crew 54 ft. DJ Knexx - Recognize

If you’re real, you’ll undoubtedly Recognize Crew 54. Just in case anyone hasn’t been keeping it one-hundred, though, here’s a quick review: made up of rappers G-Christ and M.O.S., the Lone Star State...Read More

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Crew 54 ft. Supastition - Labor Artwork

Crew 54 ft. Supastition - Labor

Before the first verse even kicked in Labor immediately struck me as the kind of track that would be featured on the Madden soundtrack, and considering how much I love Madden, that’s a high compliment to the gritty...Read More

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Crew 54 ft. Carter Arrington - My Life Artwork

Crew 54 ft. Carter Arrington - My Life

Last year, Drake created a phenomenon with “YOLO,” a phrase meant to urge listeners to take advantage of the present moment and get to living. What about the struggles that come with life, though? Do you live it...Read More

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