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Chris Batson - Painless Artwork

Chris Batson - Painless

Last we heard from Chris Batson, the indie R&B buzzmaker was struggling to accept that the girl he loved no longer shared his feelings. Though he saw her departure coming from a mile away, that didn’t dull the sting...Read More

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Chris Batson - I Know Artwork

Chris Batson - I Know

Chris Batson‘s first featured cut, Tomorrow Will Be Better, found him grappling with the question of theodicy—i.e., whether a morally just God can coexist with human suffering. On I Know, single numero uno off his...Read More

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Chris Batson

Chris Batson - Tomorrow Will Be Better

On mixtape single They Don’t Know, featured earlier today, San Diego rhymesayer Blame One reflected on the difficulty of choosing between the diverse, often mutually contradictory dogmas in the religious marketplace,...Read More

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