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Calez - One More Time Artwork

Calez - One More Time

In early March, Calez showered the Booth with Positive Energy in the form of a new single off his Ceito LP. One month later, I imagine y’all are craving more of those good vibes. Not a moment too soon, the Chi-town...Read More

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Calez - Positive Energy Artwork

Calez - Positive Energy

Haven’t reached your RDA of good vibes yet today? Calez has you covered. On the latest single off his forthcoming full-length, released along with off-the-cuff visuals directed by the artist himself, the Windy City...Read More

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Calez - Peaceful Artwork

Calez - Peaceful

For underground rappers and others who have always had to struggle for funds, the Peaceful feeling of financial security can be a little disconcerting at first. Such was undoubtedly the case for Calez but, judging by his...Read More

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Calez - A Mill Artwork

Calez - A Mill

Some songs won’t hit with everyone—it’s simply the nature of the game—but I am willing to bet A Mill that everyone will find something to enjoy about this supremely well-constructed effort from Calez....Read More

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Calez - Thxs X Thxt Artwork

Calez - Thxs X Thxt

Five months after unleashing his Too Broke tape, Windy City rhymesayer Calez has buckled down to work on the follow-up. What can fans expect from the set? Oh, a little bit of Thxs and a little bit of Thxt. If that’s not...Read More

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Calez - Believe It

Calez, who is prepping for the release of his forthcoming project, Too Broke Tape, thinks that he is truly ready to blow away listeners. If this notion is something that you doubt, however, his most recent cut (taken from the...Read More

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Alex Wiley

Alex Wiley ft. Calez - #Heauxs

Unless you call Louisiana home, it’s likely that you won’t be able to pronounce the title of Alex Wiley‘s latest DJBooth-featured record. The emcee’s new single, #Heauxs, is a play on a French and...Read More

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Calez - Malcolm X Artwork

Calez - Malcolm X

What does Calez’ latest promo single, Malcolm X, have to do with the civil rights leader from which it takes its name? After multiple spins, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have no f**king clue. Whether...Read More

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Calez x Julian Malone - Kid Enemy Artwork

Calez x Julian Malone - Kid Enemy

The only thing better than sex is more sex. The only thing better than money is more money, and the only thing better than new music from Calez is more new music from Calez. Just days after the Chi-Town repper dropped his Kid...Read More

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Calez - Play First

If I had a dime for every kid who’s been discouraged by an authority figure upon revealing their ambition to be a rapper when they grow up, I’d have… a lot of dimes. Released along with official visuals by...Read More

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Calez - ShooTim Up Artwork

Calez - ShooTim Up

Fresh off making some serious waves in the Booth and beyond with BRKF$T CLUB video single The Fellowship (currently sitting at #1 on our Independent Chart for the second week running), Calez returns to his solo hustle with...Read More

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BRKF$T CLUB - The Fellowship Artwork

BRKF$T CLUB - The Fellowship

One fateful Saturday morning, five teenagers from diverse social circles came together for detention at Shermer High School. While their differences were stark, they discovered they had one thing in common: a knack for...Read More

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Calez - RapAVeli

What do you get when you cross 2Pac with a hipster? To answer my own question, you get RapAVeli, the latest mixtape leak from Calez (who, as he’s quick to clarify, considers himself neither 2Pac nor a hipster). Here,...Read More

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Calez ft. Julian Malone - Love Text Artwork

Calez ft. Julian Malone - Love Text

With Valentine’s Day just one short week away, The DJBooth is receiving its regularly-scheduled influx of romantically-themed jams. Whether they’re waxing poetic about a significant other or pining after someone...Read More

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Calez - Intermission

Feel the need to grab a snack, take a smoke break or use the facilities? Well, tough luck. While Calez’ first Booth feature and latest mixtape single is titled “Intermission,” those who dip out while it’s...Read More

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