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Caleb James - Honesty and Loyalty

Chi-town hip-hop collective Save Money may not seem, at first glance, to have a whole lot in common with the samurai of medieval Japan, but their codes of ethics bear some striking similarities. Both, for example, place a...Read More

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Caleb James - 6AM Artwork

Caleb James - 6AM

Assuming you don’t have a job that forces you to rouse yourself early, there are few legit reasons to be up at 6AM. Either you have an early flight, your house is on fire, or you’ve been enjoying your night so...Read More

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Caleb James - 24s Artwork

Caleb James - 24s

Appropriately given his affiliation with the Save Money collective, Caleb James stashes most of his earnings away from the future. The Chi-Town emcee, singer and producer’s financial conservatism, however, hasn’t...Read More

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Caleb James - Ride With Me Artwork

Caleb James - Ride With Me

With her recent debut feature, Summertime Valentine, singer/songwriter Lili K. proved that Save Money isn’t just a group of dope emcees; it’s also home to some skilled singers. Today, we’re proud to bring...Read More

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Chuck L.i ft. Caleb James - Owls Artwork

Chuck L.i ft. Caleb James - Owls

Why is Chuck L.i.‘s latest release titled Owls? Excellent question, but I’m afraid you’ll just have to listen to the track’s hook to find out. Frankly I don’t think the written word would do it...Read More

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