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Blaison Maven - Live from Crenshaw Artwork

Blaison Maven - Live from Crenshaw

Synth, Trap, and R&B production styles are all well and good, but in this Hip-Hop head’s humble opinion, there is simply nothing better than a properly flipped Soul sample. If you happen to agree with me (great...Read More

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Blaison Maven - Roulette Artwork

Blaison Maven - Roulette

When it’s the fourth quarter with 10 seconds left and every muscle in your body is aching, that’s when you dig deep to find out if you have what it takes to extend your 15 minutes of fame. Los Angeles-based emcee...Read More

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P-Money ft. Blaison Maven - Reminisce Artwork

P-Money ft. Blaison Maven - Reminisce

As a consummate Professional, P-Money keeps his attention firmly focused on the task at hand. In his rare off moments, however, he’s not averse to getting lost in visions of the past. On a fresh single off his debut...Read More

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