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Bishop Nehru - You Stressin Artwork

Bishop Nehru - You Stressin

I think it’s safe to say Bishop Nehru‘s feeling damn good right now. I mean, he did just take home the trophy for Best New Artist (Unsigned/Independent) in our 2013 Best of the Booth Awards. The NYC...Read More

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Bishop Nehru - Mobb Dizzle Artwork

Bishop Nehru - Mobb Dizzle

Update: We have added the Markel Scott-directed visuals for Bishop Nehru’s Mobb Dizzle. With his sophomore street album less than 24 hours away from release, NYC rap wunderkind Bishop Nehru has liberated one last...Read More

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Bishop Nehru ft. Que Hampton - Exhale Artwork

Bishop Nehru ft. Que Hampton - Exhale

Not glimpsed in the DJBooth since August, when he lent his flow to Aaron LaCrate‘s reader-approved Appalled, Bishop Nehru returns to kick off his autumn with Exhale, a newly-selected single off his latest street album....Read More

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Aaron LaCrate

Bishop Nehru x Aaron LaCrate - Appalled

Bishop Nehru may be just 16, but he’s accumulated enough worldly wisdom to be Appalled at the current state of the game. Fresh off unleashing his sophomore street album via the DJBooth, the Big Apple buzzmaker continues...Read More

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Bishop Nehru - Fickle Mind$ Artwork

Bishop Nehru - Fickle Mind$

Without a steady stream of fresh material, an up-and-coming artist can fall off the radar just as quickly as he or she got on. To make sure Fickle Mind$ don’t move on to the next big thing while he’s between...Read More

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Bishop Nehru ft. Que Hampton - Misruled Order Artwork

Bishop Nehru ft. Que Hampton - Misruled Order

There must be something in the New York drinking water—how else do you explain the sudden influx of teenage rhymesayers who sound like seasoned cats from the 1990s? The latest old-school torchbearer to emerge from the...Read More

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