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Bipolar Sunshine - Where Did the Love Go Artwork

Bipolar Sunshine - Where Did the Love Go

On a previous feature in the Booth, Bipolar Sunshine urged listeners to Love More and Worry Less. Whereas that EP inclusion dealt with human relationships in general, the Manchester singer/songwriter’s latest single,...Read More

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Bipolar Sunshine - Drowning Butterflies Artwork

Bipolar Sunshine - Drowning Butterflies

On his last EP single, Manchester singer/songwriter Bipolar Sunshine responded to the pain and suffering around him by resolving to Love More & Worry Less—an example we’d all do well to follow. The...Read More

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Bipolar Sunshine - Love More Worry Less Artwork

Bipolar Sunshine - Love More Worry Less

When the daily grind becomes overwhelming, it’s all too easy to take out your frustrations on the people around you. For the sake of our stress levels as well as our relationships, we’d all do well to follow...Read More

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Bipolar Sunshine

Bipolar Sunshine - Rivers

Earlier this month, Bipolar Sunshine introduced himself to the game with (non-featured) debut single Fire, a slow-burning ballad that soon hit #1 on HypeMachine. Now, the buzzmaking singer/songwriter has unleashed the...Read More

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